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Compact Comfort SAI

Smart Air Integration

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Compact Comfort is the culmination of decades of designing and engineering efficient comfort solutions for the modern Australian living space. With a focus on industry leading efficiency and stylish, non-invasive  unit design, the Compact Comfort range is an exciting expansion of the line-up.

We are passionate about products that achieve the best results in human comfort. Our world leading range of compact super high static indoor unit options, the new high performance VRAF Inverter outdoors and a suite of stylish wall control interface options showcase this dedication and make

Compact Comfort the best choice for your home. With the VRAF Compact Multi range, SAI HVAC are the only company in the world to combine fully variable indoor airflow, with fully variable refrigerant flow. This combination means you can precisely match the systems outdoor capacity to the indoor heat load in multiple thermal zones.


Thank you for your consideration and please contact us if you would like to hear more from a HVAC professional nearest to you.

"Compact Comfort combines
the latest in fan technology
with unique unit design that is
extremely functional and made
to fit where other brands won’t."

SAI HVAC 11kW Outdoor
SAI HVAC 16kW Outdoor
SAI HVAC 34kW Outdoor

What is "Super High Static"

Compact Comfort have developed a range of “Super High Static” Compact  ducted and bulkhead indoor units, that reflect the need for change in how air conditioning is delivered within the ever-shrinking ceiling space of Australian homes.

Compact Comfort combines the latest in fan technology with unique unit design that is extremely  functional and made to fit where other brands won’t.

Long difficult ducts runs, multi story and smaller ducts are handled efficiently by the Compact Comfort “Super High Static” range.

Compact Comfort's ability to fit in to small spaces and deliver world beating quality airflow make it the perfect choice for new homes and replacement systems alike.

SAI HVAC Radical Indoor
SAI HVAC 24kW Comfort Cube Indoor

RADICAL 16kW Super High Static Indoor

Comfort Cube 24kW Super High Static Indoor

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What is VRAF?

Compact Comfort VRAF is a “1 + More”, one or multi-Indoor unit system combining variable indoor airflow with variable refrigerant flow. Each indoor unit can provide multi-zone temperature control or simply be used in a bulkhead style single room application. The 10%-200% capacity ratio makes VRAF an energy efficient and flexible solution for the modern home.


The Compact Comfort range of mid static bulk-head, high static 3SP & VAF and the “Super High Static” Comfort Cube, Radical and Micro indoor units are all compatible with VRAF providing “Mid Static” to “Super High Static” options. Compact Comforts Refrigerant Stream Mapping ensures that the system prioritises capacity to where it is most needed.


All of this combined with one easy to use control system that provides unprecedented access to the entire system, make Compact Comfort VRAF an essential for the home with a one or multi-indoor unit application.


VRAF is Chatterbox Mothership ready, providing high level interface from anywhere in the world.

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