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Compact Comfort is the culmination of decades of designing and engineering intelligent energy solutions.

Combining the latest in fan technology with unique unit design, Compact Comfort is extremely functional and made to fit where other brands won’t.

We then can deliver the air through the most sleek and stylish diffusion on the market so provide the best outcome for comfort and style to hep customise your system


The Australian team behind the design and assembly of Compact Comfort are passionate about products that achieve the best results in human comfort.

Compact Comfort uses Variable Refrigerant Air Flow (VRAF) Inverter technology. This combination means the indoor and outdoor unit matches the heating or cooling needs for each room or zone in the home.


Our world-leading range of compact indoor unit options, high-performance VRAF inverter technology outdoor units and a suite of elegant wall control options showcase this dedication.

The Compact Comfort range is an exciting solution for the modern Australian living space.

Linear Slot
Living Room Temperature Control
Kitchen Room Temperature

Dan K,
Installing Contractor

“The 'Cube' has been a game changer.
I have won several jobs because customers were told they had the option of bulkheads or splits.
But now with the option to install something that is sleek and functional all from one controller, the system sells itself"


Installing Contractor

“We were able to run 42m of 200 flex to connect the furthest room of the house. Some would say this is impossible to maintain decent airflow, but the outcome speaks for itself.

The system is working great and have been able to maintain decent airflow throughout all rooms with ease."

Leigh F

Installing Contractor

“As an installer, I highly recommend the Compact Comfort Cube Air Conditioner.

It's simple to install and compact in size, allowing it to fit easily into tight spaces. Being a smart control system it's the perfect choice for any household"

Nath V


“Since we moved in to our new home, the Compact Comfort air conditioning unit has been fantastic, especially having kids. We are able to set each room to different temperatures so they can sleep in comfort.
Having 7 zones to heat and cool the house is handy when we just use one room at a time. And, the best part is by only using one room at a time, it keeps the power bills down, winning"


Compact Comfort combines the latest in fan technology with unique unit design that is extremely functional and made to fit where other brands won’t.

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